Textbüro Vorderobermeier


Gisella M. Vorderobermeier, who will be responsible for translation assignments, is a certified translator for Russian and Spanish (diploma at IALT Leipzig ) and has a great deal of experience in this beautiful and challenging metier. Her direct experience is enhanced by a university teacher’s perspective, as she has been active in the education of translators and interpreters at a large university department (ITAT Graz) for several years.

Regardless of the volume of the translation assignment you entrust to us, you can always rely on its careful and dependable realization and can be assured that the resulting text will fulfill the highest expectations.

In addition to offering high-quality translations, we are happy to assist in controlling and, if necessary, revising existing translations (as well as writing an expertise to this effect). Linguistic services – to be discussed on an individual project basis – also extend to terminology work, whether or not your requirements in this regard are related to a translation assignment.

Gisella’s thematic focus as a translator lies in the fields of humanities, politics and sociology, in addition to legal and economic texts. We also love to take on book-length translations and are able to offer you the complete realization of such projects including editing and typesetting.

Our cooperation enables us to work routinely according to a four-eyes principle, i.e. texts are always double-checked before being delivered to you. We are happy to put you in touch with other highly competent and reliable colleagues for language combinations that we do not cover as well as for interpreting assignments.