Textbüro Vorderobermeier

We offer our services to publishing houses, companies and individuals.

Our focus is on editing, translation and layout. Our distinctively academic background equips us with a particular capacity to offer well founded professional support for academic publications and projects. The combination of our diverse and complementary experience and competences (including book production, writing and editorial as well as translation work) provides us with a comprehensive overview of the production processes involved in academic and other books, letting our clients benefit fully from our expertise. We are happy to accompany publications and other complex projects through each stage of the creative process.

In addition to our basic portfolio of editing, translation and layout, we also provide a range of further services upon request, such as the transcription of interviews or recorded conversations, literature research, writing (in certain fields) and other text-related and conceptual tasks.

Our work is based on certain tenets, above all a fundamentally respectful and trustworthy collaboration with our clients and a commitment to adapt our services to ensure the individual and creative realization of your projects, suited to any specific requirements you might have. If the services you are looking for are not covered by the offer described here, please feel free to contact us and ask!


Our Services – Overview

Editing / Copy-editing
Technical copy-editing for publishers
Translations RU>DE / ES>DE
Layout / Typesetting
Manuscript appraisals