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Tasks to be performed within the scope of editing and copy-editing can comprise a number of steps depending on the extent to which the manuscript we receive is still in need of revision.

Proofreading is restricted to checking spelling, grammar and punctuation, which, however, in itself can already considerably improve the overall impression and quality of a manuscript.

Linguistic editing covers all of the above and furthermore includes an examination of style, expression and construction (including consistency). We place particular emphasis on aspects such as the construction of logical arguments and the suitability of the structure to the topic in question, removing unnecessary repetitions and simplifying sentences if need be. Furthermore, we provide suggestions for elegant prose or more appropriate formulations for the text in question. In addition to our corrections, you will receive a protocol with recommendations for further content-related changes or additions that only the author herself or himself can provide.

The next step is specialist editing: In this case, we appraise your text with regard to the impression it makes on an informed reader. Here, a particular emphasis on the assessment of construction and style in relation to the specific requirements of the field in question is of the essence, (e.g. the use of subject-specific expressions and conventions). We take into account, amongst other things, the consistency of content and the use of formulae that are relevant to subject and topic. This service is not available to students, which is to say that it does not cover writing to be submitted in the context of undergraduate or post-graduate studies.

Technical copy-editing, which we offer primarily to publishers, includes a formal examination and correction of the text, ensuring conformity to your house style. Typically this means taking care of formal consistency (for academic texts: quotation format, punctuation and spelling, bibliographic details), correcting minor mistakes and solving formatting problems. We also provide this service for English language texts.

We also offer our expertise to assist publishers in decision-making processes with a focus on general quality and fitness for publication and the amount of editing required, including a list of projected editing steps, where required.

A further seminal issue in book production, which is part and parcel of our portfolio, is the creation of high-quality indices for academic publications. Here, particularly in relation to the range of subjects and fields covered, we would like to point you towards our profile page on the webpage of the German Indexer’s Network (DNI).

As an additional service, we also write blurbs and conduct research including the collation of bibliographies and lists of works.


editing picture: Cisco Ripac / Pixelio