Textbüro Vorderobermeier


Our emphasis is on book layouts and typesetting for authors and publishers.

You are an author and your publisher is asking for a repro-ready typescript?

We typeset your book according to your ideas whilst taking the publisher’s specifications into account. On request, we can also create the entire layout according to the indications you give us. In that case, we send you one or more examples of our layout suggestions before the project “takes off”. In realizing your book project, we take care to provide a carefully thought-through and aesthetically pleasing typeset, whilst at the same time ensuring that your graphics and images are integrated in an optimal manner. If necessary, we can also arrange for appropriate illustrative material and can also produce basic graphics for your project.

You work for a publisher and wish to outsource the typesetting for a book project?

We take on typesetting assignments for publishers according to your individual standards and requirements and are also happy to develop draft layouts for you to choose from. Our experience allows for editing and embedding various image formats and we have a good range of high quality (typeset) fonts at our disposal. In realizing your book project we only use professional layout and graphics software in the latest editions available.

In addition to typesetting books, we also provide other layout services such as cover design. Regardless of the text or message to be conveyed and the physical nature of the medium (flyers, brochures, posters, etc.), we will ensure an optimal impact and are happy to work either with predefined guidelines or to develop them from scratch, taking our lead from your preferences.