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The prices listed here are intended as a guideline. Projects often vary despite quantitative similarities (such as the number of pages), whereby difficulty and deadlines can influence the ultimate fee. Thus we are happy to make you an individual and unbinding offer upon request.

For larger projects, particularly for work with publishing houses or in the case of long-term collaborations, we are able to offer reasonable flat rates.

Technical copy-editing
(for German and English texts)
from 1,00 €* / standard page**
punctuation, grammar, spelling
from 3,40 €* / standard page
Linguistic editing
in addition to punctuation, grammar, spelling: checking and correcting of style, expression and consistency
from 5,50 €* / standard  page
Indexing from 250 € for a basic index of names
Editing / writing
content-related and linguistic text editing
abstracts, blurbs or advertising texts
research (in libraries, online)
on agreement
depending on complexity and intended purpose
on agreement
Additional translation services
e.g. in relation to subject-specific terminology
on agreement
Book layout
includes the integration of the author’s corrections and provision of a print-ready PDF file. Complexity depends on the number of graphics, e.g. tables and illustrations, and whether there is a typeset template or the layout has to be designed by us.
from 1,90 €* / printed page

* All prices are subject to VAT. Minimum order value 150 €

** Standard page = 1.500 characters including spaces



If you have any questions regarding your project or for an individual offer, please feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail.

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