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Dr. phil. Gisella M. Vorderobermeier

Certified translator for Russian and Spanish (diploma 2005 at IALT Leipzig). As a passionate and versatile “text worker”, I have more than seven years’ experience in university research and teaching (Ph.D. 2011), most recently in the position of assistant professor at the Department of Translation Studies at Karl-Franzens-Universität, Graz. During this time, I authored a number of essays, articles for encyclopaedia and reference books and reviews in the field of translation sociology in addition to a monograph on literary translators’ career development in German-speaking countries (Budrich UniPress 2013). I also presented papers at various international academic conferences (Leipzig, Skopje, Mons, Berlin and Premuda island, amongst others).

Remapping Habitus in Translation StudiesAs (Co-)Editor of three collective volumes (one of which was published by Rodopi, Amsterdam / New York 2014) I have been able to gather profound experience with the “other side” of book production processes, in addition to which I have repeatedly acted as a peer-reviewer for prestigious international academic journals and book projects and have shared or had the sole responsibility for the conception and realization of a number of international academic events, of which the most recent was the symposium Remapping "Habitus” in Translation Studies with participants from eight different countries.

I also have extensive experience as supervisor of thesis writing (BA, diploma and MA) in relation to audio-visual translation, the sociology of translation, translation and politics and the analysis of translations of literary works by selected authors.

I have been working as a freelancer in cooperation with Konrad Vorderobermeier since 2014.

Memberships: ULV (UniversitätslehrerInnenverband / Association of University Teachers), Bücherfrauen e.V. (Women in Publishing), EST (European Society for Translation Studies), BDÜ (Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer / National Association of Translators and Interpreters in Germany), DNI (Deutsches Netzwerk der Indexer / German Indexers’ Network).

Also visit me on: LinkedIn LinkedIn and Academia.edu academia


Dr. phil. Konrad Vorderobermeier

Studied Philosophy, Political Science and German Philology at the Universities of Munich, Tübingen and Vienna. Visiting student at the University of Wellington in New Zealand.

Sinnlichkeit und VerstandDoctorate on Kant at Humboldt-Universität, Berlin with a scholarship from the State of Berlin (Ph.D.; summa cum laude).

Publications: Sinnlichkeit und Verstand. Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter 2012.

Main interests: philosophy, politics, German and English literature, history of art and music, cultural history

Numerous internships and other work experience, as well as further training in the realms of press, publishing and media design. Freelance copy editor and layouter since 2012, including work for the publishing house De Gruyter.

In 2014, foundation of the Textbüro together with Gisella M. Vorderobermeier.



Our customers are publishing houses, organizations and business customers such as consultant agencies, as well as private customers. The main focus of our work is on the realization of scientific and other book projects.

Most recently we have contributed to the following book projects:

Producing (Translation, Editing and Typesetting):

Tallack_Von InselnTallack, Malachy (text) / Scott, Katie (illustrations):
Von Inseln, die keiner je fand

Translated by Gisella M. Vorderobermeier
Darmstadt: Theiss 2018



Magee_Ars NaturaMagee, Judith:
Ars Natura. Meisterwerke großer Naturforscher von Merian bis Haeckel

Translated by Gisella M. Vorderobermeier
Darmstadt: Theiss 2017



Urwand_Der PaktUrwand, Ben:
Der Pakt. Hollywoods Geschäfte mit Hitler

Translated by Gisella M. Vorderobermeier
Darmstadt: Theiss 2017



James Hall - Das gemalte IchHall, James:
Das gemalte Ich. Die Geschichte des Selbstporträts

Translated by Gisella M. Vorderobermeier
Darmstadt: Philipp von Zabern 2016



Jeremey Black - MetropolisBlack, Jeremy:
Metropolis. Die Stadt in Karten von Konstantinopel bis Brasília

Translated by Gisella M. Vorderobermeier
Darmstadt: Theiss 2016



Jane Austens RatgeberSmith, Rebecca:
Jane Austens Ratgeber für moderne Lebenskrisen. Antworten auf die brennenden Fragen zu Leben, Liebe, Glück (und was Frau dabei trägt)

Translated by Gisella M. Vorderobermeier
Darmstadt: Lambert Schneider 2016


Metamorphosis insectorum SurinamensiumMerian, Maria Sibylla:
Metamorphosis insectorum Surinamensium. Die Verwandlung der surinamischen Insekten 1705

Translation of the scholarly introduction by
Gisella M. Vorderobermeier
Darmstadt: Lambert Schneider 2016


Babich_Hermeneutic PhilosophiesBabich, Babette (Ed.):
Hermeneutic Philosophies of Social Science

Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter 2017



Roots of RespectGiorgini, Giovanni/Irrera, Elena (Eds.):
The Roots of Respect. A Historic-Philosophical Itinerary

Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter 2017



Reinholds Transcendental PsychologyFabbianelli, Faustino:
Karl Leonhard Reinhold’s Transcendental Psychology
(= Reinholdiana 3)

Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter 2016



ZahlenKolman, Vojtěch:
(Grundthemen Philosophie)

Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter 2016



Orientierung im NihilismusStegmaier, Werner:
Orientierung im Nihilismus – Luhmann meets Nietzsche

Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter 2016



Wagner, Astrid/Ariso, José María (Eds.):
Rationality Reconsidered. Ortega y Gasset and Wittgenstein on Knowledge, Belief, and Practice
(=Berlin Studies in Knowledge Research 9)

Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter 2016



Snider_Problem of ConsciousnessSnider, Pietro:
The Natural Problem of Consciousness
(= Epistemic Studies 36)

Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter 2017



Wittgenstein’s Remarks on FrazerAlbinus, Lars/Rothhaupt, Josef G. F./Seery, Aidan (Eds.):
Wittgenstein’s Remarks on Frazer. The Text and the Matter
(= On Wittgenstein 3)

Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter 2016


Das neue Bach-LexikonRampe, Sigbert (Ed.):
Das neue Bach-Lexikon

3., revised and enlarged edition of the Bach-Lexikon

Laaber: Laaber Verlag 2015



Das deutsche GesundheitssystemBusse, Reinhard et al.:
Das deutsche Gesundheitssystem. Akteure, Daten, Analysen
2nd edition

Berlin: Medizinisch Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft 2017



Das ZNA-BuchMoecke, Heinzpeter et al. (Eds.):
Das ZNA-Buch. Aufbau, Organisation und Management der Zentralen Notaufnahme
2nd edition

Berlin: Medizinisch Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft 2017

Below you find a selection of other book publications we contributed to in recent years:

Acharya, Vinod: Nietzsche’s Meta-Existentialism (= Monographien und Texte zur Nietzsche-Forschung 65). Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter 2014. [Copy-Editing]

Benne, Christian/Georg, Jutta (Eds.): Friedrich Nietzsche. Die Fröhliche Wissenschaft (= Klassiker Auslegen 57). Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter 2015. [Copy-Editing]

Brock, Eike: Nietzsche und der Nihilismus (= Monographien und Texte zur Nietzsche-Forschung 68). Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter 2015. [Copy-Editing]

Bru, Sascha/Huemer, Wolfgang/Steuer, Daniel (Eds.): Wittgenstein Reading (= On Wittgenstein 2). Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter 2013. [Copy-Editing]

Clewis, Robert R. (Ed.): Reading Kant’s Lectures. Boston/Berlin: De Gruyter 2015. [Copy-Editing]

Constancio, João/Mayer Branco, Maria João/Ryan, Bartholomew (Eds.): Nietzsche and the Problem of Subjectivity (= Nietzsche Today 5). Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter 2015. [Copy-Editing]

Ficara, Elena (Ed.): Contradictions: Logic, History, Actuality. Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter 2014. [Copy-Editing]

Geiger, Friedrich/Sichardt, Martina (Eds.): Beethovens Kammermusik. Das Handbuch. Laaber: Laaber-Verlag 2014. [Layout]

Hartmann, Nicolai: Aesthetics. Trans. by Eugene Kelly. Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter 2014. [Copy-Editing and Indexing]

Hartmann, Nicolai: Possibility and Actuality. Trans. by Alex Scott und Stephanie Adair. Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter 2013. [Copy-Editing]

Hay, Katia/dos Santos, Leonel R. (Eds.): Nietzsche, German Idealism and Its Critics (= Nietzsche Today 4). Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter 2015. [Copy-Editing]

Hofmann, Richard Paul: Willensschwäche. Eine handlungstheoretische und moralphilosophische Untersuchung (Ideen und Argumente). Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter 2015. [Proofreading and Indexing]

Lodes, Birgit/Raab, Armin (Eds.): Beethovens Bühnenwerke und Vokalmusik. Das Handbuch. Laaber: Laaber-Verlag 2014. [Layout]

Marx, Hans Joachim: Händel und die geistliche Musik des Barockzeitalters. Laaber: Laaber-Verlag 2013. [Editing, Layout and Indexing]

Schulze, Marion: Hardcore & Gender. Soziologische Einblicke in eine globale Subkultur. Bielefeld: transcript 2015. [Editing and Proofreading]

Wilden, Eva Maria: Manuscript, Print and Memory. Relics of the Cankam in Tamilnadu (= Studies in Manuscript Cultures 3). Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter 2014. [Copy-Editing]

Westerdale, Joel: Nietzsche’s Aphoristic Challenge (= Monographien und Texte zur Nietzsche-Forschung 64). Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter 2013. [Copy-Editing]

Williams, Peter (Ed.): The Organ Yearbook. A Journal for the Players & Historians
of Keyboard Instruments
. Vol. 44 (2015). [Layout]

Wolf, Reinhart et. al (Eds.): Aus Fehlern lernen – Qualitätsmanagement im Kinderschutz. Opladen/Berlin/Toronto: Barbara Budrich Press 2013. [Layout]

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The Textbüro is run by Gisella M. Vorderobermeier and Konrad Vorderobermeier.

The main focus of our work is on the realization of scientific and other book projects. Below you find a selection of book publications we contributed to in recent years:

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